Winner! (Not me)

Tidbit: I did local pageants when I was in high school. Don't laugh. I wasn't hardcore like those Toddlers and Tiaras kids. My grandma was my "coach" and she let me pick out any dress from the thrift store that I wanted then she would embellish my wardrobe with extra fancy things like sewing a broken strand of faux pearls to the neckline or buying me shoe clips from Payless to give my pumps a little more pizazz.

The most bewildering thing about my pageant participation is that in almost every single one of them I got Miss Congeniality and first-runner-up. It's official, y'all: I'm really awesome at being nice and winning second place.

Well, I've gone and done it again. Remember the Wanted Shoes video contest I entered? No? Let me refresh your memory:[vimeo 18612730 w=500 h=281]
I got second place! I'm not knocking it, I swear. There was some stiff competition and I forgot to white balance my camera. I'm super pleased to have won first- runner- up. It would be a shame to break my second place winning streak. Huge thanks to Wanted Shoes for inviting me to enter such a fun contest. I love that Jimi and June are in our video. The prize money I won almost covers Jimi's final vet bill, so it's a very sweet prize to me.

[Winning video here. My buddy Kyla's third place video here.]

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