6/30: skirt over dress

When choosing my items for 30x30, I intentionally chose this dress because I knew I could easily use tuck the bottom part and use the top half as a shirt with a different skirt.
6/30 of 30x30
date: 5 Feb 11 | occasion: church
dress: Langford Market at Le Garage Sale | skirt: Nordstrom Rack | shoes: thrifted (Savers) | belt: thrifted (Savers) | tights: We Love Colors | scarf: American Apparel | clutch: LV
I know that this blog is usually all about "affordable fashion" and admittedly this Louis Vuiton purse was not a find from Savers. It was a college graduation gift from my mom and her best friend, and over the years it's become quite dear to me. However, this little clutch has been through the ringer this week. When Jimi first got sick, I had to take one of his #2's to the vet for a diagnosis. I was in a hurry to get there, so I scooped the turd into a sandwich bag and chucked the bag into my dear little clutch, thus making it smell not so great. Then yesterday, Jude sprung a pee leak after church and it went all over Chris and all over the bag. I swear, this bag is a magnet for grossness. It just needs to be puked on and then it can claim that it's been baptized in the complete trifecta of human waste. I wonder who the barf supplier will be? Jimi, June, or Jude?