5/30: ketchup and mustard

Hi, there. I don't usually post on Sundays (I try to do my Sunday's completely unplugged from the internet) but I've been up most of the morning, in a Google frenzy. I'm not 100% sure if I'll be able to post yesterday's outfit tomorrow, so here it is:
5/30 of 30x30
date: 4 Feb 11 | occasion: staying home with Jimi
dress: thrifted (Savers) | cardigan: Halogen |
: thrifted (Savers) | tights: We Love Colors | shoes: Target | ring: Sola
Yesterday June got into my shoe picture, so I wanted Jimi to get in on the action, too. If you've been following his saga on Twitter, you know that he's been quite ill. He's been to the vet three times in the last two weeks. He has been steadily losing weight but the mystery is that he's eating and going to the bathroom just fine. For the last week or so, he just hasn't been himself. He's been laying on a pillow, all sorts of pathetic. And this is a dog once deemed the hummingbird of dogs due to all his energy!


I snapped this photo last night, right before he took a turn for the worse. His legs have stopped working, and it's utterly heart wrenching to watch him lunge his thin little body around, trying to move without the use of his legs. We'll go back to the vet tomorrow, but other than giving him pain medicine and carrying him everywhere, there's not much we can do other than to make sure he's comfortable. Both Chris and I are really sad. And gosh, I've probably made you sad now, too. So, um, here's a picture that will make you smile. This is Jimi when he was a baby. I took this on Valentine's Day in 2005, a couple days after we got him:jimiJimi is only six years old and I believe he could still have a lot of life left in him! Here's to hoping he pulls through so I can take more ridiculous photos of him.