2/30: Style Chain- Chambray shirt, Black skirt

Whoa! I haven't done a style chain in a while (since last July, actually)! I saw this outfit on LizzyPunch yesterday who saw a similar one on Fashion Me, and realized that I, too, had a chambray shirt and black skirt in my 30x30 fodder and could do my own take on it. This makes me the third link in this style chain:
2/30 of 30x30
date: 2 Feb 11 | occasion: vet visit, city group
shirt: trouvé | skirt: F21 | heels: Isaac Mizrahi target |
: Savers | tie: sash from this DIY dress | tights: Target
I hate my indoor photos, by the way. I am still wait-listed on the photography class I've signed up for, but I'm hoping that once I get in, they'll be able to show me how to take beautiful indoor photos. I'm sure it's all about lighting, and I'm okay with turning our guest room into a mini-studio. Since I'm now a spoiled Texas summer princess, there ain't no way I'm going outside in the below freezing weather to snap my outfit pictures. By the time I set up the tripod and figure out how to focus on myself, I'd be a popsicle. Ladies with photographer husbands and boyfriends, in the winter, be thankful you're not a tripod/ self-timer lady!