Rest in peace, Cynthia Vincent Wedges

I swear my dogs know which items of mine are my most treasured, and they eat them just to make me disappointed in them! Don't let this sweet little face fool you. She is a monster!


As I was getting ready for date night last night, Chris yelled up to me, "Hope you don't care about those Cynthia Vincent shoes anymore!" I came tearing down the stairs and sure enough, June was sitting on my shoe, trying to hide the evidence. As some of my long time readers know, I went to a bazillion Targets last year and called friends all over the country to find the Cynthia Vincent cognac gladiator wedges. Sweet Sydney sold me her pair, and it's been shoe love ever since. Here I am wearing my dear wedges for the first time.

Look how content I was. *Sob*.

I should have known these dogs had it in for these shoes by all the attention they gave them the last time I wore them:


Now they're covered in bite marks and one of them has the most important snap (the closure snap at the ankle) hanging by a thread. Literally:


I'm eying a pair on eBay right now, a half size too small, but maybe my shoe guy can do some kind of strap/ snap transplant surgery. Or maybe I'll practice ancient Chinese foot-binding so they'll work for me.

In related news, I may start a website solely dedicated to showcasing things my monster dogs have eaten.