Do not try this at home!

Determined to get an Adored Austin fluff segment on the local morning news one day, I entered yet another video contest (no news on the Wanted Shoes video contest, yet). This one was for BurdaStyle, and we were instructed to follow a script and make their Charlie bag. The winner gets to film a little segment for It's Sew Easy on PBS. It films on location in Ohio, which may not seem like an awesome destination to some people, but one of my best friends (and college roommate) lives in Ohio, and I would get so much joy being able to see her again soon!
[vimeo 19120006 w=500 h=281]
I'm 98% embarrassed that I made the bag incorrectly. I did this audition at one a.m. yesterday (seven hours before its due date), and was working on very little sleep at that point. After I realized my mistake, it was way too late to rip the seams and re-do the video, so I went ahead and submitted it for consideration because A- hello! I just learned to sew last July!, and 2- judging is partially based on energy... I had that in spades! Hopefully they can overlook the fact that I messed up. Or maybe they won't even notice! Fingers crossed!

Download the free Charlie bag .pdf here. Follow the directions on BurdaStyle... don't do what I do in my video!