Nine lives

Remember this?


If you happened to eavesdrop on a Twitter exchange I had yesterday with Kim of eat.sleep.wear. regarding her cat blouse from this post, you'll know that I've had cat clothing on the brain! Why? Because "Loving Linus" is back in the works!

As some of you may recall, last February I started fund raising to make my short film "Loving Linus". The project was put on hold because a couple days later I found out I was pregnant. Now that I'm no longer pregnant, the project is back on! Between feedings, I've been tweaking the script and reworking the direction. I've cast Linus (the cat) and even convinced Matt Oakes of Trees of Lyers to score the film. But mostly? I've been scheming to buy this sexy Nikon D5000 to shoot it on:


It's on mega sale at Costco for $750. This includes the kit lens and an additional zoom lens and set-up. I am letting go of my entire camera fleet on eBay to hopefully get close to enough money to buy it. If you're interested, I'm selling my beloved Canon Vixia camcorder, my tried and true Olympus DSLR, a Diana F+, and a Blackbird Fly that I never used.

Best of all, I'll be able to use the Nikon camera here on Adored Austin. My outfit photos may get better and my video blogs will make a triumphant return! Wish me luck!

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