What's in a name?

Genius idea. Terrible company name.heelcondomsFrom The Heel Condoms "ABOUT" page:

The Heel Condoms have many perks:
+ Make simple shoes a conversation piece
+ Mix and Match with outfits
+ Great for travel
+ Easy to wear
+ Protect heels from damage
+ Reusable

When I think "condom" I do think "protect", but I do not think any of the other five selling points... specifically "conversation piece" and "reusable".

Comment of the Day: You didn't know condoms are re-usable? Guess that's why Jude's here. Lack of basic sex ed knowledge [...] THAT IS A JOKE. ONLY SHOE CONDOMS ARE REUSABLE. Go ask your mom about this stuff... Side note I love those things! -Jameil