I love your advice.

We had a great turn out for our Thanksgiving dinner! More than 15 people came by, including Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky. She happened to be in Austin on Thanksgiving during her odyssey, so she arrived in Brave and brought her adorable pooch Little Bit. It was so exciting to finally meet her. She is an amazing soul, and I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity this blog has afforded me to meet so many new people over the sixteen months I've been doing Adored Austin.

I wore the same thing yesterday that I wore on Thanksgiving day. I didn't notice Thursday's sweet potato stains on my dress until I got home from lunch yesterday. Oops!manbitesdog
I tried Man Bites Dog for the first time.

I ordered the Buffalo Hottie (wing sauce and bleu cheese), while Hubs got the vegetarian chili dog.

I dressed all wintery in the morning, but by the time lunch rolled around it was 70º! Typical crazy Texas weather.

Y'all picked these boots for me, and I LOVE them!

chairdate: 28 November 2010 (& 25 November 2010)
occasion: lunch at the South Austin Trailer Park Eatery with Austin City Life friends
dress: thrifted via Buffalo Exchange
sweater: F21
leggings: American Apparel
blouse: Express
boots: courtesy of Wanted Shoes

When Dana over at Wanted Shoes reached out to me to offer me any pair of shoes on the site, I was floored and a little overwhelmed. I liked almost everything, and the prices are right in my price range. I couldn't believe how many pairs of boots they have, many of which had several color choices. I narrowed it down to three pairs, and ended up ordering the Tower boots per your guidance. The perforations on them make them really unique, and they are a little bit western so they fit in well with my Austin-bohemian style tendencies. So, can I just say THANK YOU? Thank you to Wanted and thank you to my readers who, no doubt, have the best style, ever.

Since you've proven to have remarkable taste, what do you think of these?

[note: you can click on each dress to see it's specs]

Hubs has a fancy Christmas party coming up for work, and I need a dress. The invite said "cocktail attire", and I don't think I own anything of that ilk. I want to be a hot piece of arm candy for my darling computer nerd, but it is a party for his work. I don't want to set the tongues a-waggin' at the water cooler come Monday! I am thinking about renting a designer dress from Rent the Runway, but which one? Y'all are batting 1000, so would you like to help me out again? Please?

Which one of these Rent the Runway dresses should I rent?Market Research
The shoes I got are nude leather wedges (via my Nordstrom Rack Groupon), so I think they'll go with anything. I'm partial to one and five, but Hubs likes two the best. At the risk of sounding old fashion, his vote should probably count heavily, right? Opinions?

Comment of the Day: If he works in a computer nerd farm, tradition suggests that his colleagues will not understand any non-dress-shaped dresses (such as dress 2). Maybe check with him if he thinks they might be baffled and think you are crazy? If so, go with 5 or 4 if cleavage is no issue. If not, go with 2! -Claire