The latest thrifting adventures

I haven't had a proper thrifting adventure in a while. Over the weekend, I went to Buffalo Exchange and scored a couple of goodies. Then yesterday I hit up the Goodwill on Lamar. Here's what came home with me:

1. Another elephant belt:

I know, I know. I already have an elephant belt, but this one is different! This one is bronze instead of brassy gold. And there's a baby elephant, too! Like my other one, I will probably end up rocking this as a necklace instead of a belt.

2. An ill fitting prairie dress:
bxdressThis was a size large, and I assumed that it was going to be way too big for me, but I was planning on belting it, so I didn't even try it on before buying it. Huge mistake. The blasted thing barely fits around my midsection... it's so tight! I'm not sure if I'm going to hold onto it until next summer (when I'm no longer pregnant) or if I'm going to hack it up and try to make something out of it that will work for me now. I bought it because I was in love with the pretty lace and flowers:pattern
3. A small purse (obtained from Goodwill yesterday):tinypurseI got this because all of my purses are giant. I was looking for something this color and so slim that it could easily fit into a diaper bag or be thrown on my shoulder without adding more bulk. Hooray! Success!

Thrifting is one of my favorite things to do. There's something beautiful about loving objects that are someone else's castoffs. That's why I've always loved resale shops and estate sales. Whenever I walk into a thrift store or estate sale, my heart starts dancing with the promises of new possibilities. I really hope my kid enjoys thrifting as much as I do!