Hi, How are you?

Today is the last day my best friend Brooke is in Texas... until this winter! She has decided that she's going to move here after her little boy is born. I'm so excited about this! This means our babies will grow up together. I can't wait to show them both more of Austin. Today we shopped Guadalupe and South Congress (I'll show you my finds tomorrow):
date: 2 August 2010
occasion: running around town with Bee on her last day in Austin
maxi dress: Old Navy
necklace: courtesy of Uchenna (note: you can win a Uchenna necklace this week!)
bag: thrifted, Buffalo Exchange
sandals: Macy's (old, old, old!)
sunnies: Urban Outfitters
frog pin and Indiana coin purse: gifts from Megan at Chicfaced (thank you, Megan!)

Megan from Chicfaced was thrifting and she saw this little frog and coin purse and generously sent them my way. I LOVE THEM! I realized that two days ago was the one year birthday of Adored Austin! That is bananas! One of my favorite things about doing this is the legitimate friendships and connections I've made with other bloggers and readers all over the world. I love you guys, and I plan to do this for years and years to come... even after Baby Adams arrives!