Mmmm... minty green

One of my favorite colors is minty green. For the entire length of our marriage, our bedroom has been steel gray and minty green, and right now I have no desire to change that, ever! There's just something so relaxing and calming about that color. I don't own a lot of it to wear, so I was excited to receive this beautiful convertible dress from Made by Marcia in the mail yesterday:

date: 19 July 2010
occasion: lunch with my friend Carmen, followed by a Hobby Lobby outing
dress (as tunic): courtesy of Made By Marcia
shorts: Target, Liz Lange maternity
barrettes: courtesy of A Box for My Treasure
wedges: Target, Xhilaration

I love, love, love convertible style clothing! (I think that's been well documented over here, right?). Marcia's dresses can all be configured in a number of cute, flattering ways. Unlike the American Apparel convertible dresses, hers are made of lightweight, stretch fabric (similar to yoga pants), which seems a little more lux to me. No doubt I'll still be able to wear this garment even when I grow more giant in the next few months!

Speaking of growing giant, my sewing addiction has grown to insane proportions! I made a full apron yesterday, went to Hobby Lobby and got more fabric so I can make cloth napkins, and I just put in an order for a bolt of fabric from Michael Miller so I can sew more, more, more! Stitch Lab, you've created a monster!