Recap: Stitch Lab sewing lesson crash course


It started off badly. Before class began, I spilled my entire cup of water on my foot pedal, sewing manual, and the day's lesson plan. Luckily, that was the only bad thing that happened.

It was only a four hour class, but I cannot recommend the crash course at Stitch Lab enough! Yesterday I was a woman who hadn't a clue how to put thread on a sewing machine. Today I feel like Martha Stewart is going to knock on my door and name me the new queen of all things crafty. I expected to leave knowing how to operate my machine. What I did not expect was feeling as empowered as I do.

You'd think I created a couture gown or something, right? Wrong. I simply turned this

from fabric

into this:


It even has a lined pocket inside, y'all!

Literally, I had no idea how to use a sewing machine. Thanks to my instructor Hayley, I feel like I have the know-how to make simple things like pillows and curtains and cloth napkins and aprons. I feel like I can read a book about sewing and actually know what they're talking about. Suddenly hemming a dress doesn't seem daunting. I CAN SEW!

They have a ton of other classes, too, and I'm excited to grow my new skill set. Next on my list? Hem Lab, Baby Gifts, and Fashion Fix Ups. Martha Stewart, I'm coming for that crown! Watch out!

For more info on Stitch Lab, check out their new (adorable) website.