Blue: my summer of 2010 color

I am having a thing for blue lately. The color I picked out for the kid's room is a pale blue, and the tunic I bought yesterday with my Buffalo Exchange trade credit is blue plaid.

date: 22 March 2010
occasion: Trees of Lyres show
tunic: Be Cool (Buffalo Exchange, new merch)
skirt: American Apparel
sandals: Old Navy
bracelet: Fashionique (since closed)

Speaking of blue... OH MY GOSH. I watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy on Hulu today because I kept reading online how stinking good it was. Y'all, I don't even watch Grey's! I haven't ever even seen one single episode before, but nonetheless, I watched it and bawled my eyes out EVEN THOUGH I knew exactly what was going to happen because I read the episode recap! I was crying so hard that I went and cried over the kitchen sink! Uncool, internet. Uncool! How are you going to tell me that something is so good but in the end I feel like I was kicked several times in the part of my brain and heart that controls my emotions?

Ugh. The Lost finale better not do that to me tomorrow. Otherwise, I'm going to be in this blue phase longer than Picasso was in his.