"R you going to the mall later? That's what I'm asking."

For the fashion show tonight, I got some new red lipstick and a new outfit:

at the show

at home after the show

date: 27 April 2010
occasion: High Voltage UT Fashion Show
blouse: F21
cami: F21
tulle skirt: F21
shoes: Simple Nappa CL
bag: Marshall's (no tag)
zebra bracelet: Fashionique (recently closed)
red lips: Russian Red matte lipstick by MAC

Confession: I hate malls. I had to go to Barton Creek Square Mall today because I really wanted a new outfit for the fashion show, and I was on a very limited time frame (meaning a thrift store tour was out). I knew I could cheaply piece together something from Forever 21, so I headed to the mall and bought my complete outfit in under an hour. Go me! But then- -get this- - I could not find my exit, so I spent the next hour trying to figure out how to get out of the mall! I even asked for help at the information desk, and I got laughed at (I will begrudgingly admit that it was well deserved. An adult lost in a mall is kind of funny.). But here's the kicker: once I finally found my exit, I meandered the parking lot for another 20 minutes trying to find my car. I even put my key in the wrong car! Exasperation!

Truth be told, I'm surprised that I'm not still at the mall, curled up asleep under a clothing rack or something. I seriously thought I'd never get out! It makes me wonder if the people who work the kiosks and the food court are actually just people who got trapped in the mall one day and therefore decided to just go ahead and make the most of it since they were doomed to be trapped there forever. I shudder to think that today that was almost my fate!