She's alive!

I didn't die! Thank you so, so much to all the incredibly sweet people who took time to contact me to see if I was, indeed, doing okay. I feel like I have the best readers in the entire world, and it has been killing me to be incommunicado for so long. By the way, if you're waiting on a package or return email from me, know that I will be spending this entire weekend playing catch up!

Truth be told, pregnancy is not at all agreeing with me, so I have been pajama clad and bed ridden for the greater part of the last two weeks. I was losing weight, feeling like I had mono, and in general not feeling adorable enough or energetic enough to do Adored Austin or to go anywhere or even to get online to return emails. Turns out it was all a matter of protein. Despite my occasional cheeseburger cravings, I was way, way, way low on my recommended protein intake (is it okay to blame my vegetarian husband and my lactose intolerance? No? Okay, then. I won't!). I've been working really hard to correct it, and in two days time I finally felt well enough to get up and get dressed and run some errands. I kept it super duper casual, though:

date: 28 April 2010
occasion: Target outting
jacket: close-out vintage sale
maternity shorts: Liz Lange, Target
t-shirt: American Apparel
sandals: thrifted, Savers
elephant belt (as a necklace): thrifted, Savers

Yes, ladies. Behold my first piece of maternity clothing:

I truly hope this will be my only piece of maternity clothing! I'm not showing that much, and it is my goal to not spend a lot of money on clothes that I will not be able to wear after pregnancy. However, Hubs and I are going to Disney World in a couple weeks, so I wanted to get some shorts that would be comfortable. Let me tell you, that stretchy waist band is the definition of comfort! Yes, I feel like a suburban soccer mom wearing them, but at least the kiddo in my uterus isn't crying out for more room. Yet!

It is crying out for more protein, though, so I'm now accepting applications for cheeseburger eating partners!

Hey, by the way, thanks for being patient with me. I really, truly appreciate it. Your thoughts and prayers and well wishes mean the world to me.