Oh, hi! I hope you remember me!

You know what never happens in real life that always happens in the movies? After doing sex, the woman demurely wraps herself in the bedsheet and runs around the house. I have never, ever done that or even thought to do that. However, with this American Apparel convertible bandeau dress, I sorta feel like I'm just traipsing around in a bedsheet, since I had to configure it around my body and tie in such a way to make it stay put.

date: 12 April 2010
occasion: dessert outing to Casey's (for my third snowcone this season, already!)
dress: gift from American Apparel
hat: Billabong, courtesy of Pac Sun
flips: Volcom, courtesy of Pac Sun
scarf (on hat): gift from Grandma
bee pin (as barrette): gift from my friend Giselle

I want to apologize for taking the last week off from Adored Austin. After my food poisoning eased up, I got an eye infection, so I just took time off to rest. I feel like I am back at almost 100% now, and I hope to never, ever take that much time off between now and October 19th. Now that I'm feeling better, I'll be answering emails and sending out about a dozen Delightful Dozen packages (long overdue!). I even got the new Android phone yesterday to help me catch up (it is soooo much better than the Windows Mobile phone I had been using). I'm enamored!

It feels so good to be back! I expect that I'll be sporting this dress many times over the next few months as I continue to expand.