Apparently, it's hard to miss me when I'm wearing a skirt this fluffy.

I think I may have worn my favorite outfit of all time yesterday! I keep scouring Flickr for photos of me because people kept stopping me to snap a shot of my hilarious outfit:

date: 19 March 2010
occasion: SXSW
petticoat: vintage (Style Station)
t-shirt: American Apparel
belt: vintage (Buffalo Exchange)
hen necklace: vintage (Seymour, Indiana Oktoberfest flea market)
purse: gift/ prize from Grace's Birdcage (thank you!)
sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange
sandals: thrifted (Savers)

Quick note: check out the cute, baby pomegranate tree Hubs planted for me. I hope it grows up well and bears us lots of fruit!

I ran into so many people yesterday, and that's why I love SXSW! At the American Apparel sale, I found myself shopping on the same rack as my friend Emily. I ran into some old modeling/ acting friends of mine, Irish Rose and Bobbie Ragsdale. Outside, I finally met Stephanie from Colors Marie. As I was leaving, I saw Stacey, the owner of Fashionique (the secret store where I get a lot of my animal jewelry). While having lunch with Michelle at the Driskill, David Spade was seated at the table next to us (for the record, his hair is luxurious. I think he uses a Chi). On the street I ran into some old Friday Night Lights friends, and then GET THIS! I ran into my old high school boyfriend from North Vernon, Indiana! He lives in California now and his band is in town, so I was able to catch up with him briefly. He was even wearing the same necklace he had back in 1998! Isn't that nuts? I hope I have my hen necklace as long as he's had that old thing!