A fly cape and ring

"I don't know if I'm rocking this cape as hard as I could be."

My buddies Miranda and Kristin laughed as I said this at lunch because honestly! How many people have ever said that sentence in the history of mankind?

I'm not in the habit of buying capes, but I do think this one is quite adorable. I was so excited to get this last Thursday from Leproust Vintage as part of the Delightful Dozen clothing exchange.

I stopped at Ross to look for a dress for my cousin's wedding, and I found this amazing $6 ring:

date: 8 March 2010
occasion: first sonogram day, midwife interview, lunch, shopping
cape: Leproust Vintage (via the Delightful Dozen)
dress: Jovovich-Hawk (via a clothing swap)
over the knee socks: American Apparel
shoes: thrifted Nine West (Savers)
ring: Ross

The manager at Ross was so happy to sell me this ring. He said, "I thought we'd never sell that ugly thing!" He obviously does not appreciate kitschy animal baubles. I love it! I think my eagle ring is hilarious!

In other news, huge congrats to Jen over at JenLovesKev who announced that she's pregnant, too! She's due about six weeks before I am, but it will be fun to have to be the Pregnant Pair together out of the Delightful Dozen girls!

Comment of the Day: I think the only word for that ring, is FIERCE!! I would never mess with someone wearing that ring...it looks like it instills special eagle powers...let me know if what I suspect is true! -Melissa W