leopard love

Yay! Look! It's my first Delightful Dozen post! For those of you who are following our journey, you may have seen this amazing Merona skirt making it's way around the country:

1. JenLovesKev, 2. Ideé Géniale, 3. Leproust Vintage
I am so happy that it came to me before I got too giant to wear it! I did it the Ideé Géniale way and decided to make it into a top. I put the zipper in the front, belted it, and let my bra straps hang out (out of character for me, but because it was warm enough to go bare armed today, I left my trusty cardigan on its hanger). Hope this isn't too saucy for a momma!

date: 3 March 2010
occasion: McDonald's run (dear baby inside me, please forgive me)
skirt (as shirt): Merona via The Delightful Dozen clothing swap (originally JenLovesKev)
skirt: American Apparel
belt: thrifted (Savers)
wedges: Shoe Carnival (what what!)

Here's a tidbit y'all don't know about me: Before my animal jewelry obsession, waaaay back in my college days I used to have an animal print obsession. My college roommates can attest to the fact that I owned at least ten pairs of leopard print pants, in every imaginable shade. It's like I was the long lost fourth member of Josie and the Pussycats.

I have since let go of this obsession, and I think the only leopard print that is in my wardrobe is my beloved cord blazer. I am promptly sending this skirt on to Elizabeth at Delightfully Tacky in hopes that my leopard print obsession does not come back to me.