"And this isn't my nose. It's a false one."

There was this thing going on a while ago where bloggers were posting their wedding photos and showing off how special and magical that day was for them. I chose not to participate because my wedding was a hilarious series of mishaps and my photos were definitely indicative of that. Case in point? The infamous witch's nose photo (click to see it bigger/ funnier):

After this wedding day fiasco, I've come to realize that photographs are so important. For weddings, for fashion blogs, and for marketing yourself, it truly takes you to a whole new level of awesome when the photos are stellar. For acting, I have paid top dollar for great headshots, so I wanted to have the same level of quality when putting together my new press kits and marketing Adored Austin. My regular daily style photos won't do, so that's why Hubs and I are excited to be to be partnering up with Vignette Photography. Elizabeth and her husband James specialize in wedding photography (something I wish I would have researched and paid more money for!) but they also do lifestyle portraits. They are shooting us on Saturday in downtown Austin, and I am beyond excited to see what they come up with. Now... what should I wear?...

Vignette Photography is now an Adored Austin partner.