leopard print + pizza

Huge thanks to my friend Dearing who is loaning me her point and shoot while my new battery charger is en route!

leopard blazer and pizza
leopard blazer and pizzadate: 26 January 2010
occasion: small group at Salvation Pizza
dress: thrifted F21 (Savers)
tank: Old Navy
blazer: Walmart circa 2005
boots: thrifted Minnetonka (Buffalo Exchange)
bag: thrifted- no tag (Buffalo Exchange)
necklace: courtesy of Accessorize.com

Also, I wanted to let y'all know that I am super, super excited because my life is about to change! Why? Well because in addition to my replacement DSLR battery charger, I ordered one of these:

A remote control for my camera! Now I don't have to push the shutter and then run to my place over and over again each day. Not of all of has a Kev in our lives, so for those of us who do not, a remote will make life much easier! I hope everything arrives by Saturday!