Hey, it's that studded blazer again!

HI!!! I've missed you! I can't believe I missed a day of blogging. I usually do a couple posts per day, and I hardly ever miss a day during the week. Anyway, remember how I said I was going to clean out my closet? Well, I did, and while in there I go bit by a cleaning bug. I re-did my closet AND my bathroom closet AND my office (which is also a closet). It had to get done!

Get this: I now have four giant arm loads of clothes that I'm going to part ways with (two big laundry baskets full!). Some of that will be going to the Rock n' Swap next week, a little of that will go to Buffalo Exchange, but-- and here's the fun part-- I've decided to sell a few of my most adored pieces here on Adored Austin. As soon as I finish this post, I'm going on a mannequin hunt!
second studs
second studsdate: 21 January 2010
occasion: mannequin hunt!
jacket: DIY
pants and belt: Buffalo Exchange new merch
tank: Old Navy
shoes: recently repaired, thrifted Nine West (Savers)

I still haven't found my camera battery charger. I thought for sure it was in my closet or office, but alas, it's still missing in action. I may have to break down to buy a new one. In the meantime, I'm using our old Cannon Power shot. I was having a hard time squishing my whole body into the frame, but I'm actually pretty pleased with how well the photos turned out.

By the way, Hubs and I did not get our haircuts last night because our student stylist canceled. Grrrrr. This is the second time this has happened to me, and I've only been to Avenue Five three times! Luckily, the really sweet people over there have offered us 20% off our haircuts due to the inconvenience of canceling on us last minute. Hopefully we'll be able to get in next week some time! This is just another hilarious way that life is prolonging my hair cutting anxiety, right? I'm convinced that every girl just needs to make friends with someone who can cut their hair, so I am now accepting applications. Anyone? Anyone?