Hubs and I get haircuts tomorrow!

Hubs and I each realized that we are both long overdue to have our tresses chopped:

Cute clothes, bad hair

I have spent the better half of the morning poring over celebrity hair styles, trying to find the perfect photographs to take with us tomorrow to Avenue Five. I think I finally settled on these two:

hair inspirations
Chace Crawford : Camron Diaz

Hubs is going to have to get friendly with the pomade to keep his 'do Chace-like. As for me, I am not going short like Ms. Diaz, but I will part with at least six inches off the bottom. I'm just using this photo to show the stylist how I want my bangs redone. (My hair has to stay long to match my acting headshots).

Anyway, our appointments are for tomorrow night, and y'all know I get super nervous before haircuts! For me, in terms of anxiety, it's just a step below going to the dentist. Unlike teeth, though, my hair grows back super fast, and keeping that fact in mind comforts me just in case I hate it.

Comment of the Day: First, the coordinating prairie/western wear you both are donning is extremely adorable. Second, your bangs are gonna look so awesome! Don't fret... even if you don't like it we'll all love it! -Chelsea