Save the date: Rock n' Swap, Saturday, January 30th

Y'all don't even know how excited I am about this! I think I was literally the first person to RSVP. I have been waiting for an amazing Austin clothing swap for ages! This one is being put on by some of my favorite people, and there will also be rum and dancing! Golly, I love this city.

Thanks for the invite, Magnolia Family Vintage! MFV's owner Jessica has some stellar tips over on her personal blog about how to get a good swap on. It was too awesome to not just copy and paste:

1. You show up at Beauty Bar on January 30th between 6 and 10pm.
2. You bring with you ten items of clean clothes (items such as shoes, belts, and purses will be counted) in good condition and with reasonable belief that someone else may want them. You don't have ten items of clothing to spare? No worries.
3. You can also swap with us a measly $5 at the door and we'll let you inside the fray.
4. Once you're in you get to treasure hunt through the clothes other people bring and take up to ten items home with you! For free! And if you just hate the idea of taking home free clothes... well, I won't address how many ways something could be wrong with you but I will say that you can also shop a little vintage from our own Magnolia Family Vintage or Laced With Romance, drink a little rum and hope a cat fight breaks out, do a little dance around the piles to the rock and roll part of the rock and swap... You know, lots of options.

Austinites, get your Rock n' Swap RSVPing done HERE. I will see you there. I hope you bring something awesome for me to take home. I'll be bringing some kick butt stuff, too... if I can bare to part with 'em!