Day 6: I swear I'm not trying to dress him like a Jonas Brother...

Hubs is on his seventh day of The Man Makeover today. I don't think I mentioned it, but I'm only picking his outfits Monday through Friday. The weekends are his to decide for himself. Last weekend he resorted to his Georgia Tech sweatshirt like usual, but I'm hoping that as The Year of the Man Makeover continues, he'll start choosing things that I would choose! We shall see!

Yesterday, I really pushed him out of his comfort zone with his outfit. Truly, he's being such a good sport, though!

Day 6: still not used to nice shoes
Nicest watch, ever!
shirt: thrifted Barrington (Savers), vest: Converse, jeans: Lee, shoes: Unlisted, belt: Nautica, watch: Tag Heuer

The IT guy (who made fun of his outfit last Monday, too!) said, "This wasn't your idea, was it?", but nonetheless, I consider this ensemble a success. A different dude who Hubs proclaims is a snazzy dresser saw him and was like, "Hey, man, lookin' sharp today!" You know the man makeover is going well when you get Dude Compliments! Right? Right?