And GQ's best dressed man of 2009 is...

Not Hubs! But he is lookin' pretty darn spiffy on Day Three of The Year of the Man Makeover.

Not a tie! I'm not going to a wedding right now!
vest: thrifted Eddie Baeur (Savers), shirt: thrifted Van Heusen (Buffalo Exchange),
tie: Macys, jeans: thrifted Replay (Buffalo Exchange), shoes: Unlisted

When my buddy Glen came to town last month, I noticed that when he wore a tie, the knot was big and gorgeous. Turns out there are several ways to tie a tie, resulting in slightly different looking knots. Who knew? To me, the big knot looks the best and that's called a full windsor, and once you go full windsor, you never go back. Glen tied Hubs' tie for me when he was in town, and I kept the knot in tact so Hubs can windsor it up whenever... well, so long as he wears this particular tie. Hmmm... I guess we really should learn how to do this ourselves!

Anyway, Hubs isn't too keen on today's outfit (par for the course!). His work environment is very casual. He was like, "A tie?! The guys at work are going to give me funny looks! The CEO doesn't even wear a tie!" But I maintain that the jeans and the rolled up sleeves keep it pretty casual.

I've decided that for a little while, I'll post his photos here (while he's building an audience), but since he has a lot less clothes than I do and a lot less remix options, I won't post any repeats here at all. And until he gets posing down, I'm going to keep posting the slightly embarrassing photos that crack me up. Um, like this one:

twirl, hubs!

I was like, "DO SOMETHING!" And then he started twirling. Ballerina style. Typical.