Resolutions = hard. Mantras= harder.

For me, even if it's just the motivation to keep trying to achieve my goals because I freaking let other people know them, sharing my 2010 goals with y'all seems like a good idea. Now come July, if I've failed miserably, I may feel totally different! Nonetheless, here goes. In 2010, I want to:

That's it. That's this year's mantra. All my so-called resolutions can be boiled down to this one ideology. This basically means that in 2010 I want to learn to sew, cook more often, eat less, spend less, make a movie, write a feature length screenplay, and explore the newly opened path of expanding Adored Austin into a local television show and a webseries. (Squee!!! More details on this if/ when things develop further!)

Now that I've put all this out there, I certainly don't mind if you ride my case about getting these things done. Just cut me some slack if I end up getting pregnant, okay?