Euchre embarrassment no more!

Confession: I am from the Midwest and I do not know how to play euchre. Luckily my dear friend PQ is coming over tonight to give me a lesson to remedy that. Ha. Like I need another game to get addicted to?

Now to some, me not knowing how to play euchre may not seem to be a large matter, but to me, this is quite a tragedy. Many a college night was spent in my dorm room alone whilst my buddies reveled in their fun, euchre nights. Thus, my new euchre enabled self now allows me special social privileges when I go back home. I shall no longer be an embarrassment to the Midwest!

Oh, and here's what I'm wearing for such said lesson. Oh, yeah... fashion blog blah blah blah blah. Yep. This is the Dynasty blouse I got on my last Savers trip. I accidentally hung it in the guest room closet and forgot about it.
Dynasty blouse
Dynasty blouse
bee pin

date: 30 December 2009
occasion: game night and euchre lesson!
blouse: vintage (Savers)
jeans: Built by Wendy (gift from Simplicity)
shoes: Payless
bee pin: The Good Shoppe (Christmas gift)

Heidi (yes, the same one who always beats me in Scrabble) is doing PQ's euchre lesson with me, too. I'm hoping that this is one game I can actually be victorious over her, though! MIDWEST POWER!