Scrabble Babble

If I were to make a list of all the nerdy things I love, Scrabble would be in my top ten. My car had to go to the shop today for a little inspection action, so my friend Heidi picked me up from the garage. Instead of taking me right home, we went over to Quacks to play a round of Scrabble.
Scrabble at Quacks
spoon necklacedate: 29 December 2009
occasion: Scrabble at the coffee shop
dress: Maggie London
sweater: Rue 21
fingerless gloves: Target
cable knit thigh highs: American Apparel
spoon necklace: Oktoberfest street vendor
boots: vintage (Style Station)
bag: vintage (My Favorite Place)

I didn't fare well. In fact, this is the fifth time that I've lost to Heidi. I'm keeping track of it all at Scrabble 365. This is a nerd alert: if you click that link, I'll surly know which of you are true Scrabble nerds! Danger!