Reader spotlight: Le Sac dress

I really love hearing how my little 'ole posts here on Adored Austin inspire others. Melrose of Methodical Melrose sewed her very own Le Sac inspired dress after I linked a DIY Le Sac tutorial a few weeks ago. In her post, she was kind enough to show off some different configurations to the dress that she made with her own hands:

Le Sac: Melrose

Charlotte, winner of the Buy Definition Giveaway, also emailed me some photos of her different configurations of the famous Le Sac:

Le Sac: Charlotte

Both chickadees did an amazing job, and now that I've had a little more time to experiment, I will definitely try to make a Le Sac dress how-to video later this week for y'all! The only thing I can't figure out? The jumper on ChaCha on Hipstercrite's blog. MUST FIGURE IT OUT! Help!

By the way, I really do love the links and photos you guys send me. Keep 'em coming! They brighten my day!

Photos ©Methodical Melrose and Charlotte R.