I Tumblr for you

Recently, I started an Adored Austin tumblr so I could have a spot to post quick little inspiration photos and reblog other things. As you may have noticed, save for Sundays, I try to do two or three posts here each day, and if I were to add all my tumblr content, this site would be out of control! Blogger is where it's at for longer, more photo heavy posts, and I love the ease of the sidebar widgets and the integration of the Google Reader community, but no one can beat Tumblr's sweet and simple user interface. If you have a Tumblr account, leave the link in my comments and/ or come find me so we can mutually stalk each other:

tumblr: adored austin

Rest assured, I'm not leaving Blogger (little known fact: I was one of the beta users of Blogger back in 1999!). I've had a Tumblr for a long time. I do my non-fashion stuff over there (occasionally) and I have an inactive dinosaur mash-up site that I one day hope will be resurrected.

Hubs also started a Tumblr recently! He is gearing up for The Year of the Man Makeover, so he is doing a tumblr for that:

tumblr: man makeover

Truth? I post his entries for him based off our morning chit chats where I show him photos and he makes asinine remarks about them. His Year of the Man Makeover will be documented here on Adored Austin. In the meantime, his tumblr is used for the inspiration photos I show him, what he thinks of them, and come January, it will be a place where his self-style photos will be posted sans all my girly stuff.

Find us on Tumblr:
Adored Austin
Year of the Man Make-over
Note: if you have any questions about using Blogger, Tumblr, or Wordpress (which I use for my acting page), feel free to email me. I have lots of opinions about all three.