The World's Best Husband took me estate sale shopping yesterday!

Best husband, EVER!


Fact: Hubs hates shopping. He especially hates shopping with me. His hatred is compounded when he shops with me at things like garage sales, flea markets, vintage stores, and antique shops. It's probably because I look at every single thing and ask him a barrage of question after question, when he could not care less. Poor Hubs. After going with me to Saturday's City Wide Garage Sale, yesterday I begged him to go with me to several vintage shops and one estate sale. Luckily, we struck gold at the estate sale:

estate sale finds
Solid wood window mirrors (one of which I repainted teal), hand stitched, Indian inspired pillows,
vintage handbags, dresses, skirt, and a Samsonite traincase (FREE from the nice man at the checkout table!).
All these clothes and bags for $34.50, total!

Get this: those dresses and that skirt are virgin vintage! They're from the 1960's, have never been worn, and still have the original tags attached! Squee! But, here's the tragic part: none of them fit me. They're made for a woman who is a little more shortwaisted than I am and who probably wears a modern size 2 or 4. So, alas, I cannot keep them. I will air them out and clean them up a bit and have the metal zippers reconditioned. Then, sadly, I will have to sell them. I am not quite sure if I'll consign them to a shop here in town or if I'll open up a little Etsy shop and sell them there. Nonetheless, I'm excited to have rescued them, and I think they'd be lovely additions to someone else's vintage wardrobe. Very Mad Men, if I do say so myself... especially that stunning white pencil skirt.

Thanks, Hubs, for taking me vintage shopping. I hope we find our dream furniture soon! (We're looking for a vintage dining room set, 1960's credenza to use as an entertainment center, a modern coffee table, Eames inspired lounge chairs, and a make-up vanity). I imagine I'll be hitting up all the estate sales in this area until we find what we're looking for.