I would like to send you a Christmas (post)card

I love Christmas. I'm one of the few people who doesn't mind that Christmas decorations come out right after Halloween. Every year, Hubs and I send out a Christmas photo. Our family pretty much hated last year's photo. I thought it was hilarious:

Christmas 2008

Because this year will be Adored Austin's first Christmas and because I want to say thank you to my wonderful readership, I would love to send my readers a personalized Christmas postcard (but, alas, I cannot guarantee the photo will be as awesome as the one above). I know it's only November 17th, but I'd really like to get a jump start on these.

If you would like to receive a Christmas postcard in the mail from me, follow these very simple instructions by Monday, December 14th:
1. make sure you're stalking me either on Google Reader or Blog Lovin' (and I will stalk you back!),
2. email me at indiana [at] adoredaustin [dot] com,
3. in the subject line type CHRISTMAS CARD,
4. Ask me any question in the world (it can be personal or funny or serious... your choice!),
5. make sure to include your name and mailing address so I can get my postal carrier to somehow get it to your postal carrier (folks outside of the United States are included!).

Thank you! I'm looking forward to writing these!