Nicole Richie: shoes, jewelry, and clothing... oh my!

I'll admit it: I have celebrity dream friendships. In my fantasy world, Mindy Kaling is my going-out buddy, Rashida Jones and Natalie Portman are my artsy movie/ Thai food friends, and Nicole Richie is my favorite shopping companion. Oh, how I flip for Nicole Richie's style... even her maternity line ('though there's no bun in my oven at this moment). That's why I'm so excited about her three latest fashion endeavors.

Nicole Richie new lines
Nicole Richie new lines
  • House of Harlow for Bebe jewelry available at Bebe stores and online, starting November 15th.
  • House of Harlow 1960 shoes: 20 styles available at in January '10.
  • Winter Kate clothing: 40 pieces available at Neiman's, Bloomies, and Saks starting in February '10.

I hope to goodness the price points are midrange and the quality is top notch. I'm swooning over the black and white Aztec inspired shoe, the green silk bedroom jacket, and her bangles. Nicole Richie is a great designer. I've just now decided she will also be my Project Runway brunch recap buddy, too. Surely she watches that, right? Right?

Speaking of creepy fantasy celebrity friendships, who are some of yours?

Comment of the Day: omg...her designs kicked Paris Hiltons' a**!!! those shoes are HOT. HOT. HOT. -Kim