Austin, meet your bloggers!

So, uh, you've been blog stalking us for a while now, right? If you live in Austin, come down to the Mohawk tomorrow night to finally, finally, finally meet us in person. Yes, for one night only, Austin's coolest bloggers and I will be gathered at one downtown location to meet our adoring public.

Come see local internet sensations like:
Tolly from Austin Eavesdropper.
Seth from Year of the Pizza.
Michelle from Decline Designs.
Tiffany from Austin is Burning.
Lauren from Hipstercrite.
The freak that runs this page,
and many, many more!

I, for one, am incredibly excited about free Sweet Leaf tea, vodka, and food from Mama Fu's. I'm doubly excited that one of my favorite photographers, Cory Ryan is setting up her photobooth, and my buddies The Sad Accordions will be playing a set.

So, yes. I will be there, and I'd love to meet you. Come say hello. I'm the one who looks like this, except I'm much taller in real life. Also, feel free to wear a belt as a necklace if you want.

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