Birthday eve!

So remember how I only did one post yesterday? Yeah, well, I am making up for that today! This is today's third post, and I plan to do one more! Why the posts of fury, you ask? Well, I want to make sure you are not hurting for Adored Austin content and that you still love me because I may only get to do a post or two tomorrow and Saturday. Why? Well, because [insert triumphant music] TOMORROW IS MY GOLDEN BIRTHDAY! Then Saturday is (duh!) the day after my golden birthday. Oh, and I think Saturday may also be that Halloween thing or whatever, too... :0)

Today I'm running around town like a mad woman trying to get my costumes figured out. I have my Golden Girls Themed Birthday party tomorrow at 5:30, then later that night I'm going to someone else's Halloween party (but I do not want to dress like a Golden Girl for that). Saturday is my third year downtown with my Friday Night Lights bestie Andrea, and then I'll recover all day Sunday. Today, for running around town, I just could not resist wearing the necklace and boots I got last night at Style Station:
It was all yellow
It was all yellowdate: 29 October 2009
occasion: errands then a script read tonight
dress: thrifted F21
necklace: vintage, Style Station
boots: vintage, Style Station
necklace: vintage, Style Station

To celebrate my birthday, I'll be doing a very special giveaway tomorrow on Adored Austin. Make sure to check back tomorrow for that!