Audition outfit: horror film call-back

This afternoon, after my expedition to the City Wide Garage Sale, I had to scoot down to south Austin for my call-back for the horror movie I auditioned for last week. The character was described as "geeky, smart, witty, and sarcastic". She listens to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and she likes zombie movies. I deduced that this character was probably a hipster, so I tried to dress accordingly:

Audition outfit: independent horror feature film

date: 24 October 2009
project: feature length, independent horror movie
role: early 20's, smart, geeky hipster
plaid shirt: Polo, thrifted
tee: Wifebeader (gift)
shorts: F21
tights: Target
boots: Rue 21
tv watch: prize from a James Bond costume contest that Hubs won (hahahaha!)
glasses: Tom Ford

I wanted to wear boots and long sleeves because the film takes place while the characters are camping. I wore the glasses and the tv watch to up the geek factor. The ripped tights were an afterthought. I thought it would be weird for my character to be camping in November without some sort of leg coverage. I ripped them to make it look like I had been camping in them.

Anyway, I may have overdone the whole "hipster look", especially because at the conclusion of my audition, the director/ writer let me know that we'll all be wearing a camp uniform. Oops. What is a hipster, anyway?

Comment of the Day: i love hipsters... check out this website: -Lauren