Tell me about it, stud.

This studded top used to be a dress. It was my favorite dress, actually, until my monster dog ate the bottom of it. This morning I cut off the bottom eight inches or so and turned this dress into a tunic. When I learn to sew, I'll hem it. For now, I kind of like it raw and uneven:
Tell me about it, stud
date: 20 October 2009
occasion: fitting and then a blogger meeting
dress: Audrey 3+1
tank: Old Navy
leggings: Miley Cyrus/ Max Azzaria
boots: Anne Klein

It seems from yesterday's style post, you guys are down with seeing me in my audition clothes. This will be a good week for that as I have a commercial audition tomorrow and a call-back for the horror movie on Thursday. In the next couple of days, you should see me in my business casual and geeky hipster best.