And she's back!

Tonight was my first appearance in over six months at an Austin film mixer. I got jaw surgery last April and then had braces until recently. During that time, I totally disappeared from the local acting scene. Tonight was the first time my agents and my acting buddies got to see my new smile. The pressure was on to look cute!Black and blue!
navy ring and fenno owldate: 19 October 2009
occasion: film industry mixer
dress: (courtesy of gift card)
necklace: (gift)
ring: Fashionique (Austin boutique)
textured tights: Macys
shoes: Nine West (thrifted)
earrings: Artie (gift from Abby)

Tonight was so much fun, and golly-- it feels so good to be back in the game! And BIG NEWS: I met one of my readers in the wild tonight. Hi, Hadley! She was so sweet. She came up to me and was like, "You're the girl from Adored Austin! Hi!" That's the first time that someone just out and about has been like "Oh, hi! I read your blog!" I kid you not: I am flattered every day that people other than my aunt and best friend visit this site. I love you all very much! Thank you for coming here.

Unrelated / quick question: Yesterday I had an audition for a horror film, and the character was described as a "smart/geek/punk girl" who "if she where a real person, she'd be out at a Yeah Yeah Yeah's concert or watching a zombie movie right now". From the sides, I gathered that she was pretty much a hipster, so I dressed the part. My question is: Is that something you'd be curious to see? Me in my audition garb? If so, I'll definitely make that a part of Adored Austin. If not, I'll keep this site solely focused on my style and what I wear instead of what the characters I'm playing/ auditioning for wear. Whatchathink?

Comment of the Day: I'd love to see your audition outfits. We all like to dress in character every now and then ;) -Lauren