Today I went to Six Flags

That's it. I'm too old for Six Flags. I'm kind of sad about this.

I bought Hubs tickets to Six Flags San Antonio for our eight years together/ five years married anniversary last June, and we just now got around to using 'em. It turned out for the best, though, because the weather was fantastic and the lines were incredibly short. What wasn't for the best, however, is this new thing that my body has decided to do. Now I get nauseous and dizzy after every roller coaster ride. UNCOOL, BODY. UNCOOL. Despite this, I rode all six roller coasters.

Because of this, my tummy was unhappy most of the day, so I ate a bun for lunch. Yes, just a solo, lousy, plain bun. My husband, THE VEGETARIAN, ate a turkey leg. We both regretted our decisions later:

role reversal lunch

And I ended up wearing super comfy, cotton layers for my day at the park. Um, sorry for the low quality cell pic, again:

SIx Flags slummin'

date: 17 October 2009
occasion: Six Flags!
cardigan: American Apparel
skirt: American Apparel
tank: Old Navy
pin: DIY
boots: Minnetonka

On my way out of the park, I ate a pickle that I now suspect was several years old. It tasted like Lysol. Needless to say, I'm at home now, and I'm not feeling too hot. Pray that that pickle wasn't poisoned, okay? I'm off to bed. I hope my tummy will be feeling better tomorrow!

Comment of the Day: wow, look at hubs! he looks like quite the savage with that turkey leg. -D