Sauna-na-na, hey, hey, hey, good-bye

When I was in college, I broke down and bought these shoes:

my brown chucks

Back then I was publicly known for my aversion to tennis shoes. But I saw these on mega clearance at Urban Outfitters and I had to have them. The following day I wore them to class and three different people asked me if I was feeling okay and wanted to know why I was wearing tennis shoes. Hilarious!

Four years later, these remain the only non-Toms tennis shoes I'll wear in public. Since today I was hauling butt to clean house (due to a home owners association meeting held in my living room tonight), I threw on these infamous shoes and got my scrub on:

Sauna Wednesday

date: 14 October 2009
occasion: HOA meeting :0(
dress: Kimchi & Blue, thrifted
shoes: Converse

You may notice that I'm not sporting tights or boots or a jacket or cardigan. Why? Well because Austin was a friggin' sauna today. Remember Saturday, how I was sure that fall was upon us and I was excited? Hahahahaha. Haha. Ha. Yeah, the Austin weather thinks it's totally hilarious to play games WITH MY HEART.

Comment of the Day: great GREAT backstreet boys reference. you always make me giggle inappropriately at my desk :) -Mariel