I can't afford Alexander Wang

Late last night, while attempting to catch up on all of last week's blog postings, I saw this homage to the Alexander Wang denim and leather jacket on Blue is In Fashion This Year:

denim vests and leather jackets

So I decided to give it a go myself:
DIY Wang jacket 2
DIY Wang jacketdate: 7 October 2009
occasion: Sunny Day Real Estate show at La Zona Rosa
jacket: vintage
vest: Gap, thrifted
tee: American Apparel
leggings: Miley Cyrus (cringe!)
sandals: Joan & David, thrifted

Fact: even more embarrassing than wearing a J.Lo coat is wearing Miley Cyrus stirrup pants. I saw these at Walmart in Seymour, Indiana marked down to $5, and I was impressed at how much thicker they were compared to my recently worn Papaya leggings. Admittedly, I had to buy a size large, but nonetheless, I shelled out the fiver and cringed all the way home. Granted, they're no Laura Dahl Longfellows, but c'mon! Five dollars! Embarrassing? Yes. Worth it? Maybe.