Seymour, Indiana: thrifting treasures

This was the first year that I had time to peruse the craft booths and the flea market at the Oktoberfest, and goodness! I got some things that I am wild about!

My first purchase was a piece of spoon art. A husband and wife team in Indiana weld and solder antique jewelry to antique flatware. I bought this beautiful pendent that has a small owl in the lower right portion, and I hope to turn it into a statement making necklace:

Spoon art

Next I went to the flea market where I found these lovely 1970's shoes for $5.00. The original owner was present, and she was so delighted to sell them to me. They remind me of bowling shoes, which I reassured her was a compliment:

thrifted shoes

I was almost ready to go meet some friends, but Hubs had to do a quick bathroom run, so I checked out a few more booths. For mere change, I was able to buy some beautiful pieces:

Seymour treasures
1. Blue Blockers, NWT. $1, 2. Beaded vintage purse, $1, 3. Crystal flower bracelet, $1,
4. Vintage bird necklace, $.50, 5. Three vintage pins, all three for $.75, total.

Hubs and I are meeting my family for lunch, but we may hit up the local Goodwill to see if anything is worth trying to stuff into our carry-on luggage. I still have my eye out for leather pants and a vintage fur vest.