Oktoberfest: Day 2

Confession: I don't wear celebrity perfume because my self-esteem isn't high enough to say, "Oh, it's With Love by Hillary Duff" without being embarrassed.

Yesterday, I had to wear my winter wool coat for the first time. When people ask me about it, I usually just say I got it from Macy's, and "accidentally" neglect to say it's a J.Lo coat. Oh, but it is a J.Lo coat, and I love it! I saw it in a Macy's catalog and had to have it, regardless of the brand name.


date: 3 October 2009
occasion: Seymour Oktoberfest
coat: J.Lo
circle scarf: American Apparel
tights: Target
double bow headband: Lulu
flats: Payless
bag: Gucci

Yesterday was my second and last day at my hometown's Oktoberfest, and it was a brisk 55º. Nonetheless, my J.Lo coat kept me nice and warm. The coat was a success... unlike most of J.Lo's movies.