Spa day

Today I went to Avenue Five (the same place I got my bangs done a few weeks ago) because I saw on their website that they do 80 minute facials for $25! My friend Danielle perhaps said it best, "Eighty minutes?! [hands framing her face] It's only this much skin!"

Yeah, I couldn't imagine what an 80 minute facial would entail, either, but Amy suggested I wear something comfy, like leggings and a tunic. Boy, was I glad I took her advice!
spa day: not a stitch of make-up
accessoriesdate: 30 September 2009
occasion: spa day
tunic: American Apparel
leggings: Papaya
shoes: Nine West (thrifted)
bag: swag bag from the Stitch fashion show, back in 2007
belt (as necklace): gift from my mom (it's a belly dancing belt from Thailand)

Note: this now makes random object #3 that I've worn as a necklace. See the other belt here and a purse strap here.

Also, if I look exhausted in my daily style photo, there are two main reasons for that:
1. I'm not wearing a stitch of make-up, and
2. I am exhausted.

My 80 minute facial turned into a 180 minute deal because I added an eyebrow wax. Laying on a massage table for almost three hours pretty much conked me out! This is bad news because I've got to get energized! I still have to clean the house and pack because I leave for the midwest at five a.m. tomorrow! Yowzers!

Facial verdict? Loved it. I will definitely go back again, but perhaps plan for it to take a bit longer than scheduled.