Dear Lauren Conrad, I am sorry.

Dear Lauren Conrad,
I'm sorry I made fun of your celebrity clothing line. As Le Quaintrelle points out, your stuff is actually sort of cute. Basic, but cute.

I am writing you this note in hopes that you will never, ever, ever make a legging line like Lindsay Lohan. I don't care how awesome that alliteration sounded.

Also, the world would appreciate it if you were to take Lindsay Lohan under you wing and turn her back into the spunky, wholesome redhead who starred in Mean Girls. That was her, right?

Thank you for taking this into consideration.

Indiana Adams

Lauren, I made this handy reference for you which includes the latest photo from LaLohan's leggings line versus a photo of the girl who starred in Mean Girls.

Dear 2005,
[photos from the 6126 Twitter and imdb]
[this was a scheduled post in my absence]