My tights may or may not have jaundice

Sometimes you buy things, and a couple weeks later, you're like, "What was I thinking??!" These yellow tights were like that for me. I swear, every time I tried them on, I was like, "Nope. Not wearing these. These make me look like I have jaundice."

But while I was putting together outfits with Annie Ray for yesterday's photoshoot, the yellow tights were thrown into the mix. I recalled seeing Jessica from WhatIWore rock some yellow tights not too long ago, and in no way did she look like she had jaundice. I decided to give these tights another go with the other military jacket I recently purchased:
My other navy military jacket
Boogie Woogie on Acid
Jaundice tightsdate: 23 September 2009
occasion: picking out outfits for tomorrow's Tribeza style week event at Neiman's
jacket: BB Dakota courtesy of Lulu*s
dress: gift from Laura Dahl
tights: Old Navy
shoes: Michael Shannon
hair: I learned how to do my top-knot from La Rue Nueve by way of Blue Collar Catwalk, and I got the bang tutorial from Ideé Géniale (and I've finally grown accustomed to them!).

The weather is starting to get cooler here, but I've vowed to wear more tights and leggings this year, instead of getting stuck in the Great Deep-V, Bootcut Jeans, and Grey Cardigan Style Rut of 2008. Are there any style ruts that y'all are prone to and will try to avoid this year?