I'm with the (marching) band

Brrrr! I am so not used to this 65º weather! Luckily my new coat from Lulu*s came today. Someone hand me a marching band instrument! I look like I'm ready to play "On Wisconsin":
I'm with the (marching) band
Tough! date: 22 September 2009
occasion: "Sex and Finance" marriage small group (week 2/8)
jacket: courtesy of a Lulus.com gift certificate (currently sold out)
jeans: BDG
sparkle tank (hidden): Express
boots: Jasmine (JC Pennys in Seymour, Indiana)
bag: vintage, thrifted

That belt buckle cracks me up. I found it in a drawer I've since dubbed Hubs' accessories graveyard. I forgot that circa five years ago he used to collect hilarious belt buckles. I am pretty sure he even wore a biker gang belt buckle to our wedding (yes, with his tuxedo). I must start putting these buckles back into wardrobe rotation, starting with this one. "Nobody lies to a .45!".