What the scrap (book)?

"Would you like a free ice cream bar?"
"Yes, free!"
"Sure! Yes!"

I had the above conversation one billion times today because I helped pass out totally free ice cream at a National Scrapbooking Convention. Can you believe that there are entire conventions dedicated to the art of scrapbooking? Yeah, I couldn't believe it, either!

I wasn't planning to do any style photos there, but then I spied two identical pairs of the most amazing knee high boots walking by my ice cream stand. After meeting hundreds of spunky scrapbookers today, I am convinced that this is scrapbooking's most fashionable mother/ daughter duo. I had Hubs' point and shoot camera in my bag, so I snapped a little photo of them while they were perusing the cardstock and whatnot. World, meet Holly and Lynne:
Holly & Lynne
HOLLY (on left): cardigan: F21, pocket tank: Old Navy, jeans: F21, bag: Steve Madden, necklace: Express, leather buckle boots: Nine West.
LYNNE (on right): top: Chicos, leggings: White House Black Market, bag: Guess Marciano, pearls: purchased in Hawaii, pearl cuff: Agaci, leather buckle boots: Nine West.
I adore the braid in Holly's hair, and I love their boots! And how freaking cute is it that both mom and daughter have the same boots? As you know, I've been hunting for the perfect fall boots, and these seem like a good pair because of the calf buckle. I can never find tall, leather boots that fit snug enough around my calves, and that buckle may be the solution to my problems. What do y'all think? Do you like boots with a buckle, boots with a zipper, or boots with elastic that you can pull up?

I get to work the scrapbooking convention again tomorrow, then I'm heading straight to the We Make Stuff Party. It's going to be a long, wonderful day!